Dear Valued Customer,


I want to personally thank you for visiting KIN LOV GRA and supporting our mission to spread KIN(dness) and compassion.   Over this last year, our company has been able to support numerous homeless communities along a 45-day cross-country road trip; support local businesses and offer employment opportunities to rural cities by partnering with US-based screen printers; and ripple our message of KIN(dness) with our ethically-produced Inside-Out T-shirts.  And, none of this would have been possible if it were not for the support of people like you. I am overwhelmed with GRA(titude) to you, our loyal customer, for believing in KIN LOV GRA’s vision to make our world a more compassionate place.


As you can see, our website is currently under construction.  That is because, over this last year, our company has inevitably run into challenges that affect almost every grassroots startup business (i.e. figuring out the unexpected curveballs of meeting high volumes of orders; trying to figure out how to maintain sales to meet overhead costs during slow seasons; experimenting with various marketing strategies and how to effectively get our message of KIN(dness) to a wider audience, etc).  


Even though I started this company with a background in philanthropy and a confident understanding of how to create social impact, I realize I still have a lot to learn when it comes to running the day-to-day operations of a startup business. As a result, I am temporarily putting the store on pause so that we can provide solutions to these issues.  It is my promise to you, our loyal customer, that KIN LOV GRA comes back to better meet your needs and expectations.


Thank you for being patient as I take some time to grow this company into a thriving philanthropic force.  I am incredibly GRA(teful) for your support, thus far.  And, I will continue to work diligently so that KIN LOV GRA can more effectively and compassionately serve you and our communities.


My GRA(titude),

Eugene Yoon