Eugene Yoon

CEO / Founder


Eugene Yoon
CEO / Founder

Age: 30

Sign: Aquarius (Moon Sign: unknown)

Education: University of Southern California. Bachelors of Arts, Film and Television Critical Studies. Another Bachelor of Arts in Film and Television Production. (Go Trojans!)

Role Models: Oprah Winfrey, Ellen Degeneres, Jane Fonda, Brene Brown, Iyanla Vanzant (in that order).

Random Facts:

-   I do not know how to sew.  But I love Project Runway. 

-   I came up with the idea for KIN LOV GRA in 2015 during a “mental breakdown.”   During that time, my friends and family dubbed me “certifiably crazy” because I quit an amazing job and decided to embark on a six-month 2660-mile hike from Mexico to Canada with no prior wilderness experience.  I turned the hike into a philanthropic campaign to raise money for a paralyzed man whom I had only seen on Facebook.  I also used the hike as a platform to spread this message: “Be kind to yourself. Be kind to one another”.

-   Adrenaline Junkie (jumped off the world’s highest bungee jump tower and would do it again in a heartbeat!)

-   I do not get star-struck by celebrity sightings…but if I met Oprah Winfrey in-person I would cry like a thirteen year old school girl at a Justin Bieber concert (I have a personalized wallet with her face on it).  I would definitely freak out if I met Ellen, too.

-   Personal Growth Areas:  Learning to write things down so I’m not in my head; learning to be more vulnerable in intimate relationships and business; learning to recognize shame and then letting it go.

-   Favorite Movie: “Up”. “Inside-Out”. And everything PIXAR (Seriously, how awesome would it be if the world functioned more like a PIXAR movie?!?!)

-   Favorite Food: sushi, pad thai noodles, and really large chipotle burritos with guacamole (have it at least 3x week).

-   Random Fact About Me: I do not like brownies, cake, or cookies (weird, I know).

-   Favorite Sport: Beach Volleyball and Wakeboarding

-   My Pet Peeves:  Bullies and Racism (it gets under my skin!)

-   Another Pet Peeve:  The fashion industry. I am sooooooo fed up with bullshit body standards that perpetuate unhealthy and destructive patterns of how we value our own bodies.  

-   My dream: To grow KIN LOV GRA into a philanthropic empire so I can support as many beautiful souls as possible from all walks of life.